I miss blogging. It's been almost three months. hmmmm... so what's up?

My last update was July 10, and so i will do my best to refresh my memory on what had happened for the past few months/days/weeks.

I can't remember anything significant last July. tsk!

Now! for August! My birth month. hmmm... First big celebration was my nanay (lola - that's how I call my mother's mother) and dad's birthday... wait! before that day came, pol got hospitalized because of the pesticides for our coconuts. ahaha! and because of that, my mom have to spend more bucks for the hospitalization. hhhmm..  anyways, the birthday celebration still happened and it was big. 2 lechon and many food. of course there were also a number of guests who came, some we knew, some were familiar, some we didn't know at all. But that's okay! uuhhh.. what else...

ahh!!! I remember something for July. It was this month when I applied for PNB. and! ow! it was this month that Nhaia's dad came home. And I think it was also this month when I started shadow teaching Khai - my niece. 

back to August!... My birthday! My birthday happens to be the same day with our Midterms in ManAcc.. and so days before that day, I was studying hard. On my birthday, Nhaia gave me a pair of headphones! which I've been wanting to buy. We had lunch at KFC then went straight to MYOH. after an hour (more or less) we got our personalized slippers (with just very few choices). Dropped Nhaia at her office, went home, took a bath, then off to school to a place they call the "library". Review and because of that, I was the first to finish the exam - and I dint top it, but I passed ;). Went home with my close friends and ate then shots! I drank tequila and t5. ahaha! so much for that, that was my best birthday celebration ever. Though there were only few guests, but i had the best day ever. My family was there, my barkada, my girlfriend, close relatives. Basta! that was the best birthday ever! i ended my birthday at around 5 in the morning. ehehe. 

Exectly a week after my birthday, PNB called saying I got hired. ahaha! a week after that, I got my tooth extracted. ahahah!

My first day of work was on 3 September 2012, Monday... and the following Monday... was the pay day! I got excited but the moment I saw my payslip, I got disgusted! tsk! Dako kaau ang withholding taaaaxxx!!!! almost a thousand, plus other deductions... for the whole month, a total of almost 1.5K. tsk! that's too much! but anyways... ge lng.. bsta naai trabaho!!! and though I am entitle with overtime pay, the process is very tedious that you don't want to file for an overtime. tsk! so no overtime pay for me. That means I have to get out of work by 5. BUT! my boss is very workaholic and 5:30/6:00 is still early for her. Since I am still in probationary period, I can't do nor say anything. Good thing I am schooling.. I have a reason to be out early... :)

My first pay, i treated my family... of Course with Nhaia (with her brother, gian) at Cabula! Whole day swimming. 

I also enrolled again at Powerplay... back to gyming! more determined to get trimmed! Nhaia also enrolled with her officemates.. and continue to invite more of her friends to enroll. ehehe! 

hhhmm. last Saturday was my first day at the gym. then after the gym, watched The Mistress with my barkada. then to our farewell party in ManAcc.... then went up at Nhaia's place because her parents weren't there... and so we played......... Beer pong! ahahha! after playing, went home and splak!

It's almost sembreak... no finals for Environmental Law and Dynamics of Management. yeah!!!! \m/
And we had a great reporting in out Dynamics class!!!! then went to Dear Manok for a class dinner - the group paid 50% of the bill. 

By the way, Nhaia and I just celebrated our 9th Monthsary! I hope we'll be doing great along the way...

Well, I guess that would be all... I hope I could update this blog more often... been busy! 

Still adjusting to work, study, social life and family life... ehehehe. 

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